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It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

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There is a heavy demand for such service to fulfill vows of thanksgiving for recovery from physical affliction or success.

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The Best Donation is Food Donation one Who Gives food,gives Life.

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About Temple

        "Our land is filled with precious gems and pearls blessed by the sages of yore. A land linked by plenty of roads and resting places, spotted with watering holes. Always an auspicious and rich land brimming with wealth and well-being, our beloved Kangeyam, is noted for its fertility, fame and valour!."

So sing the proud people of Kangeyam, one of the ancient regions of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is a part of India which is not only ancient, but also rich in culture, art, religious traditions and impressive intellectual eminence

As the poet Subramanya Bharathi once sang :

"On the shores of the blue ocean From sacred Kumari in the south To the mountain of Malavan in the north Lies the famous land of Tamil Nadu."


Utharavu Petti


15th Jan 2016 : Sasti Viratham

19th Jan 2016 : Karthikai

24th Jan 2016 : Thai Poosam

30th Jan 2016 : Sasti

13th Feb 2016 : Sasti Viratham

15th Feb 2016 : Karthikai

28th Feb 2016 : Sasti

13th Mar 2016 : Karthikai

14th Mar 2016 : Sasti Viratham

23rd Mar 2016 : Panguni Uthram

29th Mar 2016 : Sasti

10th Apr 2016 : Karthikai

12th Apr 2016 : Sasti Viratham

28th Apr 2016 : Sasti

07th May 2016 : Karthikai

12th May 2016 : Sasti Viratham

27th May 2016 : Sasti

03rd Jun 2016 : Karthikai

10th Jun 2016 : Sasti Viratham

26th Jun 2016 : Sasti

01st Jul 2016 : Karthikai

10th Jul 2016 : Sasti Viratham

25th Jul 2016 : Sasti

08th Aug 2016 : Sasti Viratham

23rd Aug 2016 : Sasti

24th Aug 2016 : Karthikai

07th Sep 2016 : Sasti Viratham

21st Sep 2016 : Karthikai

22nd Sep 2016 : Sasti

07th Oct 2016 : Sasti Viratham

18st Oct 2016 : Karthikai

21st Oct 2016 : Sasti

05th Nov 2016 : Sasti Viratham

14th Nov 2016 : Karthikai

19th Nov 2016 : Sasti

05th Dec 2016 : Sasti Viratham

12th Dec 2016 : Sasti

19th Dec 2016 : Karthikai