Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Temple - Poojas

Daily Poojas :

The five special poojas that are conducted daily are called the AINDU KALA VISESHA POOJAKKAL. They are,

1. Vizha Pooja - 06.00 A.M

2. Kala Shanthi Pooja - 09.00 A.M

3. Uchi Kaala (Afternoon) Pooja - 12.00 P.M

4. Sayaratchai (Evening) Pooja - 06.00 P.M

5. Arthajama Pooja - 08.00 P.M

        The families of Thiru K.N.Swaminatha Gounder and Palayakottai Pattakarar Thiru Nalla Senapathy Sarkarai Manradiar are conducting the Vizha Pooja and Artha Samam Pooja respectively. Donars are welcome to contribute for the remaining three special poojas (Kala Sandhi Pooja, Ucchi Kala Pooja, Sayaratchi Pooja) at the rate of Rs 750 per pooja per day.

Monthly Poojas :

        Every month during Amavasai, Shasti, and Kiruthigai, special poojas are performed when devoties visit the temple in large numbers to seek the blessings of Sivamalai Andavar.

Prediction Through Dreams In the Press Nakkheeran Weekly

        From time immemorial, the presiding deity of this temple has appeared in the dreams of the bhakthas and asked them to bring specific objects and keep it in the temple for special poojas. These are first placed in front of the “Moolavar” for his utharavu, and only then accepted. Within a few days thereafter, object related happening occur much to the astonishment of one and all.

For instance :

» When a pot of water was brought, on 28.01.2004 Sunami struck the East Coast of India.

» Following the receipt of a sovereign at one time, the price of gold which was selling at Rs.60 (8 gms) shot up to over Rs.1000.

» Once Rice & Water were kept for the pooja, when rice became dearer and water scarcity resulted.

» When a yoke and rope was kept for the special pooja, bullocks were in shortage for ploughing the land.

» When rice, towel, turmeric, jaggery, pot of water,“ thee vatti” (torch), & “eeti” (spear), were kept for pooja a lot of death took place, worldwide.